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Free Doctor Helpline is India's #1 Doctor/Hospital Search Directory. We are a leading Medical Tourism Company facilitating patients from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and South Africa. Our panel of Doctors provide 24x7 Free Health advice over Phone Call/ WhatsApp/SMS/E-mail and Online Chat. More than 2000 patients contact us every day to understand their illness and find the best Doctor/Hospital for their treatment. We are serving over 25 million patients spread over 1300 towns/cities in India and abroad. We are a strong well knit organisation of 4000+ employees working at National and International level. More than 10000 Doctors and 3000 Hospitals are listed with us. We coordinate appointments of over 10000 Doctors across India on a single Appointment helpline number available 24x7. Our vision is to reduce the mortality rate due to medical ignorance and make free availability of health information to all. We provide the patients with a choice of medical facilities.ask your doctor Democratisation of health care is our ultimate motto.


We are Providing Free Health advise and instant Doctor Appointment any Cateogry on Call and .If you have Discuss any Health related Problem you may call/whatsapp or visit on FREE DOCTOR HELPLINE and you may consult online chat with Doctor to get better Suggestion for us.