ICSI Training

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The ICSI training course is totally devoted to hands on for perfecting the fine skills of ICSI. The candidates receives one-on-one training, develops knowledge & skills in micromanipulation instrument handling and operation.
The Course Curriculum includes:

1. An overview of Micromanipulation in ART
2. Preparation of gametes for micromanipulation
3. Narasighe micromanipulation workstation
4. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)
5. Research instrument (RI) micromanipulation workstation
6. Embryo biopsy
7. Eppendorf micromanipulation workshop
8. Brief account on micro tool manufacture
9. Instrument selections
The course module is apt for beginners as well as experienced practitioners and will help them in performing ICSI confidently with smooth transition.