Infertility Training

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Established with the mission to train clinicians and scientists in maternal fetal medicine and infertility, IIRRH is recognized as one of the few institutes offering the best IVF training in India, aiming to cover the fundamentals of IVF procedure as well as the basics of setting up of an IVF lab. IIRRH provides customized infertility training in the clinical management and laboratory practices of IVF and ICSI.
The objective of infertility training courses for clinicians is to impart in-depth elucidation of all aspects of an IVF cycle including pre-treatment evaluation and testing, keeping in mind the ethical and economic implications of the treatment. Enroll now and Avail the opportunity to observe various IVF treatment procedures both through live video feed. You can visits to the clinic and operating room for ultrasound scans, oocyte recovery and embryo transfer.

The IIRRH Institute in Bangalore is affiliated to VIT University, NITTE University as well as Bangalore University for PhD in Reproductive Biology. We will provide Certificate on IVF, IUI, ICSI Courses and short term training courses in Clinical ART, Embryology and Obstetric Ultrasound cater to the needs of the busy practitioner.