IVF Training Programs

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IIRRH Institute is affiliated to VIT University, NITTE University as well as Bangalore University for PhD in Reproductive Biology. Certificate Courses and short term training courses in Clinical ART, Embryology and Obstetric Ultrasound cater to the needs of the busy practitioner. IIRRH Institute has been training future IVF doctors and scientists to be expert in their profession by training them in the field of Embryology training.
The whole objective of IVF training programs and other ART training courses is to divulge a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the ART laboratory, including the set-up and running of the lab, specific procedures, and quality control to ensure the highest possible success rates in an IVF program.
IRRH is one of the few institutes to offer PhD programs in Reproductive Biology, in addition to short and medium-term training programs for clinicians and scientists.