Mobile repairing training institute in delhi

Techno certified Institute provides advanced mobile repairing Training Institute in delhi for every student. We are one of the best mobile repairing Training institutes in Delhi . Our course starts from the basic level that includes mobile phone description and overview and the features and working concept of mobile phones. By doing this course handling of any issue related to GSM, CDMA and other related services will be just be a piece of cake for you. You will be able to repair, fix and unlock all kinds of mobile phone irrespective of the brand, extent of damage or fault. This course will prepare you to repair all kinds of basic and complex faults like water damaged mobile phones, speaker, charging, microphone, network and all other major and minor problems. You will also be ready for complicated tasks such as reworking on mobile phones motherboards. We have an impressive backlog of past graduates who have now doing their own business in delhi and other cities worldwide or are working with the top levels firms in the field.