Wordpress indeed is the most user friendly and loved cms among other CMS’s. The real game of user friendliness begins after extracting the package or clicking on wordpress in auto installer.

Most of the beginners choose auto installer for installing wordpress on their server, instead of going full manual. This shows how conscious they are while adopting this wonderful CMS.

Using best plugins for your WordPress Site: Key to a successful wordpress website

The title says it all. For creating a successful WordPress website, the plugins should be best in their category.
A small miss of functionality can make a website step back in terms of productivity and performance.

Below are some best plugins for WordPress which can help you create an awesome WordPress website and make it successful.

Implementing plugins that will attract traffic to your site in wordpress

Traffic is something which everyone wants in order to survive online. So below are some of the plugins which are essential to be on a WordPress site so as to increase traffic.