Major mistakes wordpress owners make and end up penalized

Often bloggers and forum websites face dark side of search engines. Dark side being getting penalized , website is removed from search engines or sometimes only pages are removed, but it affects whole website.

5 Questions to Ask before installing a Social share plugin

Bloggers, businesses, E-commerce, forums; social share plugins are used everywhere on the internet. With time, social share plugins have made their way to every technology.

Social share plugins allow integrating social share buttons on different elements of the website.

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How to create a good user experience for my WordPress website

User Experience is one of the keys to have good traffic and conversions on a website. The website which is well constructed and do not make their customers tired or bored can rocket boost its conversion.
There are some ways which can help you increase user experience on your WordPress website.

Some of the ways are:

Using best plugins for your WordPress Site: Key to a successful wordpress website

The title says it all. For creating a successful WordPress website, the plugins should be best in their category.
A small miss of functionality can make a website step back in terms of productivity and performance.

Below are some best plugins for WordPress which can help you create an awesome WordPress website and make it successful.

Need help with traffic? Here are some tips !

Need help with traffic? Here are some tips !
Marina Elvis

Every day many bloggers and website owners face this problem of low traffic or less converting traffic. Many websites are blessed with good traffic, but they are unable to utilize it properly. In this post I will discuss some of the tips to help you achieving good traffic as well as utilize it properly.


Blog sample project Content Writer Pontianak. Dibuat untuk membagikan informasi kepada pembaca sekaligus wadah untuk mengumpulkan sample tulisan Content Writer Pontianak sehingga mudah untuk ditemukan. Blog yang lebih banyak membahas tentang news, technology, hiburan serta tips and trick. Memberikan informasi dan konten terbaik untuk website yang kamu miliki.

Rebuilding website: what you need to include

Rebuilding a website is a tough job. Marketers believe that rebuilding a website can do wonders in terms of marketing. Traffic, lead and conversions may increase after redesign, that's the reason many consider redesigning a website.

otp authentication:New authentication method securing you

Authentication on websites is a necessity. The primary purpose of authentication is to secure allow access to visitors with use of login and password. Today authentication has become vulnerable to hacks, exposing authentication credentials during authentication. This is called Man in middle attacks.

otp authentication: Revolution to authentication security on an website.

Today security is one of the major concern pinching businesses at wrong places while in development and deployment. On every point security is maintained to ensure data is safe whether it is internally in a business or on their online platform.