Do you want to display Menu Icons in a WordPress Website using Plugin? Displaying menu icons plays a very important role in any type of website design. Most of the menu icons are universally recognized. Displaying menu icons on your website helps users with easier navigation through your website. This improves the user experience, and also makes your website look prettier.


Wordpress indeed is the most user friendly and loved cms among other CMS’s. The real game of user friendliness begins after extracting the package or clicking on wordpress in auto installer.

Most of the beginners choose auto installer for installing wordpress on their server, instead of going full manual. This shows how conscious they are while adopting this wonderful CMS.

How to completely customize your WordPress dashboard for admin and users

If you are using WordPress for your blog, website, forum and e-commerce needs, then customizing WordPress admin dashboard is an essential element.

Customizing WordPress dashboard has few reasons behind it.

Major mistakes wordpress owners make and end up penalized

Often bloggers and forum websites face dark side of search engines. Dark side being getting penalized , website is removed from search engines or sometimes only pages are removed, but it affects whole website.

Wordpress Development Company in Jaipur

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How to create a good user experience for my WordPress website

User Experience is one of the keys to have good traffic and conversions on a website. The website which is well constructed and do not make their customers tired or bored can rocket boost its conversion.
There are some ways which can help you increase user experience on your WordPress website.

Some of the ways are:

How to speed up WordPress like an Experienced Geek

Everyone is familiar with WordPress, one or the other way. Some of you may be are having clients who are using WordPress as their website core, some of you may be are bloggers, some of you are compelled by the title and are seeking for something quick and beneficial in this post (which you will get) and some of you are autodidact like me.

Using best plugins for your WordPress Site: Key to a successful wordpress website

The title says it all. For creating a successful WordPress website, the plugins should be best in their category.
A small miss of functionality can make a website step back in terms of productivity and performance.

Below are some best plugins for WordPress which can help you create an awesome WordPress website and make it successful.

Tips to improve user experience for a wordpress website

User experience is one of major factor which decides success and failure of anything in a website.
Say it be a blog or a shopping website, without a good user experience, everything will fall apart soon, even if you have good traffic.

Wordpress Website Design Singapore

Word Press is an open source based CMS structure mainly designed for writing special blogs. But now Word Press has grown into a particularly powerful and flexible Content Management System (CMS). Cheap web design has designed several websites using this powerful framework for its customers based in Singapore as well as other countries.