otp authentication:New authentication method securing you

Authentication on websites is a necessity. The primary purpose of authentication is to secure allow access to visitors with use of login and password. Today authentication has become vulnerable to hacks, exposing authentication credentials during authentication. This is called Man in middle attacks.

Single Sign-On Solution: What is It and Why Businesses Should Have It?

A Single sign-on(SSO) is one such solution. The solution allows users to access all the resources that fall under the same umbrella using one pair of credentials. It is simply a technology that authenticates users to connected resources by login to one of them. Get into the interesting article to know more about single sign-on solution.

An Ultimate Guide To GIF’s For Your Social Media Marketing Strategy!

Animated GIfs! Are they only for internet geeks? I mean who doesn’t love good Gifs? Remember those Harry Potter newspapers from your childhood and trendy Tumblr posts of your favorite bloggers? All those moving creatures by default grab your interest in a way that you can’t leave them in half way. So you can see things get better when in motion like a ferris wheel or an athlete.

How Two-Factor Authentication Added Layer of Security?

What will be your reaction if you found that you have no more right to access your online transactions, your email id has been breached, online websites have been hacked and your credit card used for shady transactions? This is a very serious issue. Hacking credentials is very common today. From small to large enterprises, all are the victims of data breach. Not a single credential is safe.

How registrations are demotivaitng to your visitors

Registration is an important part of a website. They help in getting crucial information about customers, which can be useful for marketing purpose. For visitors it is the only way to authenticate and get a unique identity on that website.

Software Development Company in Reston

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Implementing plugins that will attract traffic to your site in wordpress

Traffic is something which everyone wants in order to survive online. So below are some of the plugins which are essential to be on a WordPress site so as to increase traffic.

otp authentication: Revolution to authentication security on an website.

Today security is one of the major concern pinching businesses at wrong places while in development and deployment. On every point security is maintained to ensure data is safe whether it is internally in a business or on their online platform.

Reducing visitor's fatigue on your website

World is under a digital transformation where most of the things are going online or are connected to internet in some or other way.
A website is one of such entity which connects a business to people via internet. A website not only serves as a medium for people using internet to showcase business but also generates sales by providing various online services.

How to Get Users Data While They Login to Website

For businesses, in-depth knowledge about customers plays a very important role in way to success. This knowledge not only helps marketers to create new and additional targeted methods to achieve new customers but also to build trust in existing customers. The higher you perceive your customers the additional you will create sales and increase profits.