Microsoft Launches A Machine Learning And AI Powered Selfie

In a surprising move, Microsoft is investing in making camera apps specially tailored for ios devices. Last year, it launched a selfie-enhancing camera and then followed that up with “Microsoft Pix” on the App Store. But now developers of Microsoft have successfully created another fun camera app called “Sprinkles”.

Using best plugins for your WordPress Site: Key to a successful wordpress website

The title says it all. For creating a successful WordPress website, the plugins should be best in their category.
A small miss of functionality can make a website step back in terms of productivity and performance.

Below are some best plugins for WordPress which can help you create an awesome WordPress website and make it successful.

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How to boost user engagement on mobile

Consumers are adopting mobile at a faster pace. Ease of mobility and access of internet from any demographics, made its adoption very rapid.
Most of the businesses have started using apps to connect to services which previously were limited to desktops only. This rise the need of mobility and adaptability to mobile devices for technologies.

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